Comments about Instagram logo redesign erupt in social networks

instagram logotipo redesenho

instagram logo redesignWe were already hearing rumors that Instagram was working on the redesign of a new design for Android, but we did not expect the renovation was going to be so radical. The popular photographs App with over 400 million users, announced a new design for both the application icon, and everything inside it. The new Instagram logo redesign corresponds to the third time that the App changes it appearance. The first two designs were made by Kevin Systrom (Instagram co-founder) and the last one by Ian Spalter (chief designer).

The redesign also extends towards the three applications owned by the social network: Boomerang (facilitates recording short videos), Layout (used to create photo collages) and Hyperlapse (creates fast motion videos).

As reported by the social network in its announcement, the new design improves how the App looks and feels, but without changing the navigation style that characterizes it. In addition, the App aims to put more focus on photos and videos.

Ian Spalter said that this redesign is a reflection of the different ways in which users of Instagram, Layoutt, Boomerang and Hyperlapse use the services. “We ask employees to describe  Instagram logo of in less than 5 seconds. Almost all obviated the rainbow, lens and viewfinder”, said design specialist.

What is curious is that in the middle of the vintage revolution that society lives, Instagram has decided to eliminate the retro air that characterizes the App since its launch in 2009.

Several social networks impact

Instagram users level of satisfaction has always been high, since the platform is dynamic and filters have been improving. What happened, then, that the App become object of criticism?

Social networks are sensitive, perhaps this is the reason why Instagram users does not applaud the new logo. Instead of this they express their rejection in other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Users in social networks, especially on Twitter, were quick to express their opinion:

rediseño logo Instagram
rediseño en el logo de Instagram


What do you think about Instagram logo redesign?
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How companies uses Neuromarketing

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Neuromarketing is used to determine and analyze how it affects advertising and other marketing strategies and communication to the human brain.

The goal of business is to predict the consumers behavior, and thus improve their sales techniques, marketing and advertising strategies.

Neuromarketing experts have succeeded in showing that 95% of the decisions that consumers are produced in an unconscious and irrational way. And also our brain uses only 2.5 seconds to make a purchase decision.

This is something very used for example in supermarkets. Since the placement of brands and products more expensive than ever they are positioned by hand and at the height of our eyes, and contrary most commodities are those we find most difficult to force you go into the aisles full of packed products and offers.

Perceptions through the decoration, lighting or ambient music and even the sense of smell stimulated with fragrances and odors, are used by companies and brands to arouse our interest and influence our purchasing decisions.

Neuromarketing techniques are also used in digital marketing, in this case in addition to using traditional factors that have to do with the order in which the products are displayed, price management with offers and feelings of scarcity, can also bring the consumer information or testimonions reviews of other users and elements of social validation, when making a decision about buying or not certain articles.