Common mistakes in a content marketing strategy

Mistakes in a Marketing Strategy of Contents

errores en estrategia de marketing de contenidos

Marketing of contents have become a very important strategic tool for business in the last few years. It is efficient and it accomplishes to seduce consumers making them loyal to the brand. Moreover it awakes positive expectations, but not every company that is using marketing of contents reaches success as they expected.

Contents aren´t magic, they are not able to charm the consumer and seduce it instantly. It is a process that needs to be elaborated correctly as well as planned so as to obtain the expected results in the right time. It requires hard work and effort. To begin with, for contents to be effective the first thing to do is set the correct objective followed by a strategy. But the most important thing is to beware of not making typical mistakes.


Some of the basic mistakes in a marketing strategy of contents are the following:

1- Target is wrong defined.

It is extremely important to detect correctly the target of your business and especially the target of what are you about to communicate. Furthermore, you must be precautious defining it because each one has their preferences, environment, friends, favoritism, etc. These elements are the key to success, if you notice them by the time you define your target you will reach the correct one for sure.

2- Wrong use of communicational channels.

As said before, first of all you must detect your target and analyze it. After that segmentation you will be able to know witch communicational channels use to reach the leading objective. In other words: see where the target is, its main values, desires and preferences. It is essential to know how to manipulate those channels inasmuch as each one has its particular way of reaching consumers.

3- Contents do not have clear objectives.

The content is what helps the company to stay close to the consumer. Every content strategy must have a well-planned objective, if not it will fail. This should be related to the target so as to the channel selected. Precision and clarity are extremely important at the time of setting what they want to communicate in order to strengthen the relationship between the transmitter and the receiver, making it more dynamic and effective.

These contents need to have coherence and cohesion above all the communicational strategy. Setting a route, or a waybill, it’s an easy way to follow a line and avoid mistakes that will confuse the target. Being loyal to it will help to achieve better results.

4- Being repetitive.

Contents need to be innovative; it requires being in constant alert of new opportunities and not staying with the obvious things. Variety within the parameters of the strategy will help to accomplish this.

5- Using spam.

Sending promotions in a constant way as a unique form of communication it is not useful as a main strategy. On the other hand, searching for the company’s differential and the added value that the product or service offers it’s a great starting point. You must think as a mass media that is the key to attract your target: with well develop and highly narrated announcements.

How To Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

how to develop a content marketing strategy

estrategia de content marketing

The development of new technologies has changed the way companies interact with their audiences. Today content marketing is growing abysmally and allows user interaction that did not exist before. More and more companies are turning to this type of advertising due to its effectiveness.

Developing a Content Marketing strategy is not something to be taken lightly, it must be pre-defined in a strategical way. It should capture the attention of consumers, generating impact with the content created and not using exclusive advertising messages which can bore the user.

There are certain factors to consider in order to successfully develop a content marketing strategy:

– Generate impressive and entertaining contentº: While some products are already attractive in itself, i.e. an amusement park, it is important to be clear about what you want to tell and how to do it. In addition, you must adapt your message to the public that your brand is headed.

– Investigate what the consumer wants to read: Everybody has an expectation about the contents that a brand will provide. Therefore, it is important to define which is the content that our audience is interested in, and what is expected from us. The key according to Inc team, is to step into the consumer’s shoes.

– Avoid constant product information: Consumers look forward to find additional value in a content a brand offers. Therefore, we must go beyond constant offerings and specifications about the product. Otherwise, the audience will get bored.

– Add an emotional value: Storytelling will make the consumer feel closer to the brand. You should not stay in the cold data of your company. The ideal is to connect with the user in a more emotional way.

– Constant updates and postings: The messages sent must have some continuity and consistency as to the publication time. If a company doesn’t communicate anything in six months through its social networks, public will believe that it no longer works or it’s abandoned.

– Set clear objectives: To develop a content marketing strategy, we must be sure about what our objectives are. i.e. how many followers we want to achieve or who we want to reach with our content.

To be successful on How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy, you must consider all these factors. Therefore, you will be able to create a community with followers who participate and engage with your content. The more interesting and relevant the content we generate is, the greater the affinity of the public with our brand.