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Email Marketing Campaigns

What is email marketing? It is sending newsletters to different users, whether they are active or potential customers for advertising or informative purposes.

E-mail marketing campaigns allow you to communicate with your potential customers more effectively, significantly improving the relationship with your customers and being able to know precisely who has been interested in any of your products or services, allowing you to generate business opportunities or even increase sales.

The strategy for carrying out a good e-mail marketing campaign is:

  • Segmenting and choosing the right target to whom will be directed the electronic communication
  • Designing, developing and sending Newsletters
  • Managing Database Mailing lists
  • Planing and Runing Campaigns
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting of results


  1. Number of e-mails from the database
  2. Number of users who have opened the e-mail
  3. Number of e-mails sent successfully
  4. Number of clicks made
  5. Number of rejected e-mails
  6. Detail of clicks made for each of the links contained in the sent piece

Avoid generating SPAM (unsolicited bulk commercial electronic mail message) to convert your newsletters into HAM (Helpful Actionable Messages)

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