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Secrets of YouTube

secretos de Youtube

Scooter Braun, manager of artists, chosen by “Time” magazine as one of the top 100 influencers in the world, shared some of  YouTube secrets. Braun owns SB Projects, a company dedicated…

Key interfaces for your mobile site

site móvel

What do your users want to do from their smartphone? That is the question that companies must do themeselves in order to understand their user’s needs. Focus on users experience is one…

Tension between Facebook and Snapchat

facebook y snapchat

This week Facebook incorporates an animated filters application, called “Masquerade”. While it is known that for some time there is tension between Facebook and Snapchat, this news did nothing but…

Online advertising promotion for SMEs

publicidad online

Stop hiding and achieve your potential customers to talk about you! It’s time to start the year with a renewed marketing strategy. Getting new customers and retaining current ones is…

New Facebook features for 2016

Twelve years ago Facebook was born and today it’s still the world’s biggest social network. This success is due to the great adaptability and evolution of the company. They have been…

How to succeed in Instagram?

The question brands frequently make is: How to succeed in Instagram? This has become the social network of the moment and companies are trying to position themselves there. The reasons for…

2016: Year of the video and smartphones

Año del vídeo y el smartphone

Year after year technology evolves and this brings new trends in communication and new strategic digital marketing. While it is known that nowadays the main investment channels are blogs and…

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