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Google approaches to measuring TV ads

Google se acerca a la medición de anuncios en televisión

Google has excelled as an innovator since the advent of online advertising by measuring its results. Unlike traditional advertising, we can know through its results, if our advertising or content…

Building an Effective Sales Funnel

sales funnel

An effective Sales funnel is the key to increase the performance of our website, whether it’s an e-commerce or not. There are several factors to consider when Building an Effective Sales…

Improving Engagement on YouTube

improve engagement on youtube

It often happens that certain advertising campaigns are highly visualized on the internet without having a positive effect on their viralization and ROI, meaning a poor engagement on YouTube. This is because not…

Branding in the digital era

branding in the digital era

The English terms that suit our daily conversations are increasing, especially in the marketing area- and their true meaning is not clear for everybody. This is the case of ” Branding ”…

Real Time Marketing

marketing en tiempo real

The digital marketing, faithful exponent of real time marketing or marketing in real time, can immediately know the response of consumers and users for various promotional and communication campaigns. Esta…

Digital Strategy tips

estrategia digital

Digital Strategy for Companies and Professionals Thinking in digital strategy is imposed increasingly. This trend has been consolidating in recent years and the number digital marketing actions, communications and thinking…

Customer Service through Social Media

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy. Según un estudio realizado por la Universidad de Social Media Marketing (SMMU), menos de la mitad de las empresas cuentan con una estrategia definida para llevar adelante…

How companies uses Neuromarketing


Neuromarketing is used to determine and analyze how it affects advertising and other marketing strategies and communication to the human brain. The goal of business is to predict the consumers…

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