SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Positioning

The search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the architecture, content, design and programming of a website to achieve a higher quality and traffic volume to a website from search engines via “organic” results.

Getting higher quality traffic to a website from search engines through the natural or “organic” results of the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, is one of the most important objectives of any website and must be considered in all marketing strategies.

What are organic results?

Organic or “natural” search results are displayed in the main body of the search results page. After the paid ads section (if any for the terms that interest us).

Google varies its search algorithm almost permanently, which makes it quite difficult to keep up to date and maintain the first places for the area of interest in organic search results.

Featured snippets have started to appear in search results for some years now. These occupy places displacing the traditional organic results, with the consequent decrease in traffic to our website if we cannot also position ourselves in these “featured snippets”.

Some of these are featured links, google maps locations, related youtube videos, relevant news, among others. Not all snippets appear for all categories and keywords, so it is important to verify them in each case.

Why do Search Engine Positioning?

Studies have shown that organic search results receive 7 times more clicks than the sponsored links or google ads. As a result it is so crucial that companies optimize their websites to get the best natural positioning rather than spending in online advertising.

The success of a website depends largely on the volume of visits it receives. There is no point in having the best web design level, if it is not well promoted and your traffic volume is very low. So the SEO is essential in the marketing strategy of any business that has online presence.

SEO Search Engine PositioningSearch engine optimization (SEO) is not something that generates immediate results and should be seen as an objective medium to long term, that will generate more qualified visitors to your site, improve the visibility of the company and helping you generate business leads.

A good SEO strategy requires:

  • Keywords or phrase analysis for your business.
  • Review and analysis of the structure, coding and content of your website, ensuring that they are accessible to search engines.
  • Changes on the website: titles, contents, architecture, descriptions, goals and more.
  • Recommendations on the usability of your website, looking forward to increase the conversion rate of visiting leads / customers.
  • Competition analysis to see what they’re doing and develop better strategies.
  • Link Building: Get high quality incoming text links (links) from quality sites that are relevant to your business and are most valued by search engines.
  • Creation of a specific sitemap to help Google index all the pages of your website.
  • Uploading your website in general or specific directories on your sector.
  • Monitoring and Controlling: We develop statistics of the evolution of the website for each of the keywords, providing monthly reports with the necessary information for you to follow step by step the continuous improvements of your websites positioning.


OFF-Site SEO or off page SEO

SEO off page is the implementation of a series of techniques focused on the generation of external links that point to our website to improve its organic positioning in Google and other search engines.

  • Creation and registration of a specific sitemap to help Google index all the pages of your website.
  • Link Building (off page seo): Obtain incoming text links (links) from quality sites relevant to your business, which are the most valued by search engines.
  • Registration of your website in general and specific directories of your sector.
  • Control the existence of toxic links or bad SEO practices that threaten our good positioning

We are a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency, that specializes in Digital Strategy and Business Development and know how to make the Internet a valuable resource for your company.

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