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It´s no longer enough to have a website … Too often designers build very nice websites that comply with all the rules of art and good design, but do not have a good position in search engines and do not generate good business results.

When we talk about business, getting traffic to our website using it as a real tool to attract customers and generate sales, it is necessary to talk about a web optimization process as fundamental and necessary that must be present from the conception of our virtual office.

A web optimization strategy consider and analyzes the following aspects:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Web optimization and web design and development adapted to the search engines. To accomplish the first positions in the search engines, you must meet not only the needs of users who buy our products or services, but also with certain search engine robots requirements in order to be found and get properly indexed.

Architecture Review

The site should be linked internally by single text links in basic HTML. Search engines basically see text when looking a web site, so it is advisable to avoid excessive use of Flash or images links for proper positioning.

Navigability / Usability

The site should be intuitive and easy to navigate, both for our returning visitors, as for those visiting us for the first time, as well as for search engine robots too. It is well proven that a messy and confusing design causes many potential buyers leave our site disoriented.

Load time

Web pages should be light, we can not rely on all our potential visitors to have broadband connections. Even it is known that heavy web pages are penalized by google. A good web optimization usually involves the use of cache system to speed up the process of bringing information and images from the server.

Content Optimization

Sites made in Flash or image-only sites can not be read by search engine robots nor indexed in their databases. Search engines give priority to their first positions to web sites with unique and interesting content. For proper Web optimization, you must generate a keyword density from 3 to 5%, fall below these ratios imply lower positions in the search results and a higher percentage could be classified as spam and therefore be penalize and in late positions.

Link building

Involves obtaining incoming relevant to your business text links from high quality rank sites. This is one of the factors most valued by search engines when they rank your website in results, since it is one of the few that can not be easily manipulated.

Web Analytics

The use of these tools is essential in any strategy or online marketing action because it allows to know traffic source of a website in detail and determine the outcome of every action we do, knowing how users interact when navigating our website and allowing to measure and maximize return on investment in our internet marketing strategy.

We are a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency, that specializes in Digital Strategy and Business Development and know how to make the Internet a valuable resource for your company.

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