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remarketing campaignsRetargeting advertising campaigns or remarketing campaigns, are based in showing our ads to people who visited our website, youtube channel or mobile app before.

It can be done with people who visited any page within our website or targeting people who visited certain section on our site, referring for example to a particular product or service. This is also possible when referring to a mobile app or video in youtube.

Remarketing campaigns often improve conversion rate and ROI of our advertising investment, while allowing us to “accompany” potential customers interested in our products or services with our promotional banners as they browse other websites.

Online advertising campaigns with retargeting is available on platforms like Google Adwords for both search and display network, and for mobile and youtube video advertising and also within Facebook and Instagram through the Facebook Exchange platform.

Remarketing campaigns are especially useful to offer special benefits or display content associated with visitors or potential customers who have already shown their interest before in our producto or service.

These campaigns also helped to increase revenue when used to reach people who leave the shopping cart with no sales.

We are a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency, that specializes in Digital Strategy and Business Development and know how to make the Internet a valuable resource for your company.

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