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search engine optimization

SEO has become one of the most important online marketing strategy factors in the recent years. Building an attractive website is only half the image of your company on the internet, the other part is to bring qualified traffic to your website, and that is where the natural positioning comes into play.

The natural or organic positioning in search engines is achieved by optimizing the architecture, content, design and programming of a website so they can be accessible to search engines. The “natural” search results are displayed in the main body of the search results page. Studies have shown that organic search results receive 7 times more clicks than sponsored links, which is why it is so crucial that companies optimize their websites to achieve the best natural position.

Search engine optimization is not something that generates immediate results and should be seen as an objective medium to long term that will generate more qualified visitors to your site, improve the visibility of the company and help generate business opportunities. The natural positioning is defined this way because it is achieved naturally, without paying for it, unlike sponsored links.

Organic SEO services that we provide include:

Research Keywords: Creating and helping the client to choose them.

Creating Meta Tags and other html tags.

Reviewing and correcting content for optimization and creating additional text when necessary.

Display and control web browsing: usability

Reviewing site architecture.

Performance and page speed optimization.

Setting up of external links (link building).

Analysis of competition in the segment of chosen keywords.

Guest post publishing services.

Search Engine Positioning & SEO

Being on the top of search engine results due to natural positioning, will help you multiply visits to your website and improve your brand presence on the Internet for keywords associated with your business without having to pay for each visit you get. In Way2net, we only use ethical optimization methods, avoiding practices that search engines penalize and considered fraudulent.

For search engine positioning of a brand or website, there are also other strategies, such as sponsored links on Google, also known as Adwords or SEM campaigns. View information about this service: Search Engine Marketing.

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