Want-to-go moments: from the search engines to the store


In the digital age of communication smartphones and applications are evolving to make life easier for users looking for everything to be “here and now”. It is for this reason that brands must be present at the time, when people want to know about a subject, go somewhere, buy or just do something.

The Google Want-to-go moment is one in which the user uses his mobile to respond to a need, in this case, to get somewhere. Brands that remain focused on the consumer intention at that time not only meet your needs but advance in consumer buying process and develop a brand preference.

50% of consumers who perform a local search on their smartphones visit a store on the same day and 18% of those searches generated a purchase on the same day. Almost half of the people who want to eat and do not know where to look for a restaurant a while before leaving home.

Micro-Moments happen fast, but brands can be prepare for when they occur. They should analyze the consumer situation and think about what your store looks. To know when it is likely that these situations arise, a combination of hypotheses, observations and data may be used. Searches like “near my location” are more common when people are traveling, during holidays and during the weekends because they are out of the routine, they relax and want to see new places. For example, Saturday night abound searches of places to get drinks.

Increase searches “near my location”

Thanks to the powerful devices we carry in our pockets, we can find that surrounds us quickly and easily. Words like “near my location”, “closest” and “close” are increasingly frequent in Google queries. People are looking for products or services that are nearby, either a gym or a mall.
The interest of the Google search on the word “near my location” increased by 3,400% since 2011 and nearly doubled in 2014. The vast majority originates from mobile devices: 80% in the fourth quarter of 2014.

To consider:

  • Think about how consumers interact with your brand when they are near your stores.
  • Post useful information on your website: driving directions, each local inventory and prices.
  • Make sure the design of your site allows consumers to find the information quickly and easily.
  • Think: How I can be there when people are looking for the place where my company is?
  • Calculate how much store traffic is generated from digital interactions.

Is your brand ready to attract consumers to your store from your website?

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