e-commerce in Argentina, 2020 brief

e-commerce in argentina

Year 2020 has undoubtedly been an atypical year for everyone and e-commerce in Argentina could not stay on the sidelines. Beyond the difficult economic situation the country is going through, this last year of the Pandemic has resulted in significant growth for online sales.

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented year for Argentines, as well as for the rest of the world. Our lives have changed and our shopping behaviors have changed too. And in a few months, a greater evolution has been achieved than in recent years when talking about companies digital transformation and e-commerce. From our Way2net agency we can attest to this, since all our clients, regardless of the industry, have experienced great growth in their online sales.

ecommerce in Argentina

Let’s review some indicators that show this:

+58% of people do banking operations online or through the app (48% in 2019)

+48% watch on demand movies (40% in 2019)

+43% order food online (27% in 2019)

+34% buy food and beverages online (18% in 2019)

+1.28 million of online shoppers, for a total of 20.05 million (18.77 million in 2019)

facturacion 2020 e-commerce en argentina
Fuente CACE

+124% growth in revenue ($ 905 million vs. $ 403 million in 2019)

6 out of 10 buy a product at least once a month. And half of post-pandemic online shoppers are already everyday or regular e-commerce users.

crecimiento e-commerce en Argentina
Fuente CACE

The key factors to buy online: Home delivery, the ease of finding products quickly and the safety of the operation were more powerful than in 2019.

However, not all that glitters is gold, and we can also mention the cons.

Main obstacles for e-commerce development of e-commerce in Argentina

Shipping costs are the main barrier. Although many new players have appeared competing for services and rates, the cost of shipping in Argentina is still high.

Logistics and delivery delays are another factor mentioned.

Another important obstacle for consumers is not being able to see and touch the merchandise. Especially in some areas such as clothing, shoes and others, and especially when the customer does not know the brand that they are buying.

e-commerce en argentina problemas
Fuente CACE

On the business side, we can also mention that as there was greater competition and concentration of online sales, the costs associated with online advertising have also increased.

For some companies, it has also been a problem not to be prepared to face the online world, with a digital strategy already planned and underway.

How is the profile of the online consumer in Argentina?

In 2020 we find a more diversified buyer profile, with post-pandemic buyers entering the ecommerce world buying mobile, while more experienced buyers continue to use more desktop computers.

Another aspect that stands out is the change in the socio-economic profile of online shoppers. We went from the historic high and medium level to a more socio-economic profile in the medium and low segment. It is not that the high segment disappeared, but based on their experience they have expanded the categories that used to bought online, while the lower middle segment is more about a new consumer, who was not used to buying online.

No major changes were observed with respect to the chosen payment method, and credit card is still the main method used.

principales medios de pago ecommerce en argentina

On the other hand, a great change was noticed in the chosen shipping method, as a result of the pandemic, where home delivery was positioned in the first place, displacing the picking in store that had been leading in previous years.

Main industries e-commerce in Argentina 2020

Sportswear, clothing and food and beverages are the TOP3 of the most popular categories among Argentines for this 2020. Food and beverages climbed 7 positions in the year of the pandemic. Then followed closely by Technology and Electro.

principales rubros de e-commerce en Argentina 2020
Fuente CACE

For the first time in many years, COVID-19 has eliminated tourism and entertainment from the ranking of first time purchased categories, giving the place to categories related to food, home conditioning, personal care, courses, careers, seminars, among others.

We will see what awaits us in 2021, but everything suggests that we will have another year where e-commerce development will once again be one of the stars in this adverse economic context

Data Source CACE

Way2net awarded as Top Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Way2net awarded as Top Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Way2net is a digital marketing agency, specialized in e-strategy planning and business development, digital marketing, online advertising, web optimization, social media, web design, and development. We are a Google Partner Agency certified by Google Inc. and we offer a wide variety of services including digital strategy, social media marketing, and advertising.

Clutch recently announced the top digital marketing agencies in Argentina. We are excited to announce that Way2net has made the list on their directory.

Way2net awarded as Top Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Clutch is a B2B market research firm located in Washington DC that connects service providers and buyers through data and verified research. Central to their process is client reviews. In this unique process, analysts have spoken directly with many of our clients and learned more about the services we provided, as well as technological capabilities, results, and business acumen.

Our clients’ participation made this award possible, and we want to thank them for their time and honest feedback. Below is are excerpts from recent reviews, along with project summaries:

“We continue working with them because of their thoughtful service.” –Marketing Coordinator, Synthon Bagó

Our team was hired to develop a pharmaceutical company’s marketing strategies. We work with different social media channels, crafting campaigns. We also worked on their site.

“With Way2net Digital Marketing Agency, we found a mix of business expertise and digital experience.” –Founder, Delbazar

We provided a variety of digital services for an online store. Our team developed an e-commerce website and social media campaigns

Digital marketing has forever changed how companies attract customers and generate revenue. If you’re considering hiring an online marketing company to help you boost your brand image, position your company in search rankings, or manage your social media presence, The Manifest can help find a business to best suit your needs. The Manifest, an affiliate site of Clutch, lists top digital marketing companies in Argentina. Among top companies, the site also lists descriptions, projects, and awards for users to utilize.

Need advice in marketing and communication? We are experts in digital strategy. Contact us by phone or fill out the form on our website and a team member will be in touch shortly. We look forward to hearing from you and your team.

The main benefits of WooCommerce for startups

benefits of WooCommerce

benefits of WooCommerceWooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is ideal for ecommerce retailers just starting out. It is simple enough to learn, pretty powerful, and you cannot beat the price – it is free.

Let’s check main benefits of WooCommerce:

It is free to download: There are many different CMS systems available and they are great. The drawback with a lot of these, however, is the price.

It is easy to use and flexible: You can easily add categories, change prices, etc, even if you have very little technical know-how. It is WordPress based so if you are familiar with WordPress, you will adapt quickly. You can also link into virtual products.

Build a professional looking store: You can use WooCommerce to build an ecommerce platform that looks professionally designed on your own site.

You can customize it a lot: There are a lot of different customization options that you can use to help your site stand out. Strangely, for a free plugin, you have a wide range of themes to choose from. Choose any of the 39 themes from WooThemes to get started. Unlike some other themes, you are able to change preset colors, CSS styles, and coding.

A full platform: It is a completely functional, professional ecommerce platform. It’s safe to say that besides some good WordPress hosting (and WordPress itself, of course), WooCommerce is all you really need to start making money off your website right away.

You are able to access various analytics and make use of tracking, tools to boost customer engagement, apply the discounts you like, and keep your clients up to date when it comes to the status of their orders. It allows you all the functions of many of the expensive paid options and quite a few more.

Analytics built-in: You can choose to make use of the analytics built into the system to track sales, average order totals, client statistics, etc. from the admin panel. The information is presented in an easy to understand style.

Many apps and extensions: There are a whole host of apps and extensions that can be used to increase the functionality of your WooCommerce site. Some of these can be downloaded free of charge, like Google Analytics, others you have to pay for. With the add of the apps, you can get all the information and functionality you might possibly want without having to click out of your admin page.

WooCommerce is a plugin that will prove worth its weight in gold. It is ideal for a startup because it offers such a wide range of features and a lot of support.


Way2net recognized as a Leading Digital Marketing Agency on!

Agencia de Marketing Digital líder

Way2net works Way2hard to become a Leading Digital Marketing Agency and to make sure your business has the resources it needs to distinguish itself and to be successful in the ever growing online market. With our expertise in Business Development, Web Design, Online Marketing, Internet Advertising, and Digital Strategy, we know how to help you get where you want to go.

To give our word more significance, we are very happy to report that we have recently been recognized by Clutch’s as one of their Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Argentina! Our excellent team of marketers continuously produces results so remarkable that Clutch even ranked us as one of the top recommended Digital Marketing Agencies in Latin America on Clutch’s leaders matrix as well!

Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC that is dedicated to giving businesses a simpler and more efficient medium of searching for the most suitable agencies with whom they can form partnerships for projects. The research firm maintains a growing list of company profiles, enhanced with verified reviews by the past clients of those companies. Their goal is to provide the most accurate information available on each agency to businesses in search of partners with the most appropriate qualifications that will help them arrive at the desired outcomes for their projects.


Here’s what some of our esteemed clients had to say about our collaborations:

Leading Digital Marketing Agency


“Their knowledge of digital platforms and ability to understand a very specific industry like ours is outstanding.” – CEO, Grupo MCI

“They’re a true partner that knows our business.” “Their work has helped grow the number of clients substantially”- Director of Client Solutions, Go Global 


It was stellar reviews like this that got us the accolades we’ve received. Check out Way2Net’s profile to read more great client reviews!

Comments about Instagram logo redesign erupt in social networks

instagram logotipo redesenho

instagram logo redesignWe were already hearing rumors that Instagram was working on the redesign of a new design for Android, but we did not expect the renovation was going to be so radical. The popular photographs App with over 400 million users, announced a new design for both the application icon, and everything inside it. The new Instagram logo redesign corresponds to the third time that the App changes it appearance. The first two designs were made by Kevin Systrom (Instagram co-founder) and the last one by Ian Spalter (chief designer).

The redesign also extends towards the three applications owned by the social network: Boomerang (facilitates recording short videos), Layout (used to create photo collages) and Hyperlapse (creates fast motion videos).

As reported by the social network in its announcement, the new design improves how the App looks and feels, but without changing the navigation style that characterizes it. In addition, the App aims to put more focus on photos and videos.

Ian Spalter said that this redesign is a reflection of the different ways in which users of Instagram, Layoutt, Boomerang and Hyperlapse use the services. “We ask employees to describe  Instagram logo of in less than 5 seconds. Almost all obviated the rainbow, lens and viewfinder”, said design specialist.

What is curious is that in the middle of the vintage revolution that society lives, Instagram has decided to eliminate the retro air that characterizes the App since its launch in 2009.

Several social networks impact

Instagram users level of satisfaction has always been high, since the platform is dynamic and filters have been improving. What happened, then, that the App become object of criticism?

Social networks are sensitive, perhaps this is the reason why Instagram users does not applaud the new logo. Instead of this they express their rejection in other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Users in social networks, especially on Twitter, were quick to express their opinion:

rediseño logo Instagram
rediseño en el logo de Instagram


What do you think about Instagram logo redesign?
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Smart Watches: New opportunities for personalized marketing

Relógios inteligentes

relojes inteligentes

The emergence of mobile and other devices has changed the way we live and what we expect from brands. We intend to constantly receive information and, in order to facilitate the measurements of athletes performance, smart watches and bracelets appeared and carry different sensors: accelerometer, GPS, compass and even the ability to measure heart rate.

More and more people are encouraged to buy these devices to be measured, and this year 17.4 million will be sold, 12% more than last year.

Along with the data collected applications appear to presented in graphical form the results of daily monitoring. These apps serve to improve and draw new objectives, like number of steps, calories burned, mileage and speed.

This tools are increasingly used by brands that are pending in “I want to know” micro-moment, and this become a great opportunity to accompany the user experience. Most important sports brands have their own measurement app: “Runtastic” from Adidas; “RunKeeper” from Asics and “Nike Plus” from Nike.

Brands take advantage of this personalized marketing channel , based on data registered users, and together with a specialized team offer useful messages to accompany these processes. The aim of brands is to provide useful tools to their potential consumers, help improve their performance and turn them into loyal customers.

How should brands make its appearance?

  • The way consumer fractured into thousands of micro moments in real time with purchase intent is an opportunity for brands. The user geolocation is a great advantage for those who want to capture potential customers when they are near a point of sale or local.
  • They should use these platforms to build a closer relationship with consumers, capturing the flow of data they accumulate in this apps. For example: After long walks, our potential customer shoes get ruined . Suggesting my brand sneakers, along with various promotions and benefits could encourage their purchase.
  • Contents may not be invasive. Brands must think about how can they add value by offering useful information and data to consumers. Advertising evolves, becomes less aggressive and sidesteps the “buy now”.

Do you know how to deliver value to your target audiences in order to transform them into loyal customers?

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Virtual Reality and Marketing: Opening the range of opportunities

Virtual Reality and Marketing

marketing y realidad virtualThe union between marketing and virtual reality is here to stay and it started to open the window of opportunity for brands.

It is important to note the difference between “virtual reality” and “augmented reality” to avoid confusion. The virtual reality means that your body leaves the physical place where you are, your brain go to the site to which the brand wants to teleport, while augmented reality applies a digital layer to the physical world.

Virtual reality experts agree that 2016 will be the year in which sales of these glasses increase, because there are more models and they become more accessible. Companies with huge weight in the sector begin to invest in augmented reality to enhance the experience of its consumers.

Coca-Cola, for example, made use of the famous augmented reality glasses Oculus Rift, recently acquired by Facebook, to transport users at Maracana Stadium locker room and allow them to advance to the field. Meanwhile Facebook expects to have a market of one billion users of virtual reality with its support for the Oculus project.

On the other hand, the popular TV channel HBO decided to offer a virtual experience to “Game of Thrones” lovers and Nissan made use of this glasses  allowing users to virtually explore its prototype car.

Google updated the app of its virtual reality system Cardboard, using a cardboard and a smartphone, and is now available in 39 languages. The large company announced that “Street View” system is now available for Cardboard. This allowed everyone to visit cities and places around the world, which opens up endless opportunities for tourism marketing.

Argentina is not far behind. Collateral Studio is a pioneer in virtual reality, being the first study in Latin America to produce a short film for this format. The company has done production work for virtual reality Burman Studio, Club Atletico River Plate and Tedex River Plate, among others.

Uses of virtual reality and marketing

Depending on the brand strategy  virtual reality can serve in a marketing campaign in several ways:

1. Product Placement: From video games to series can introduce a brand within the virtual reality experience. This will allow companies gain a foothold in consumer’s mind in a new way.

2. Events: We used to see  wine tasting at events when their respective brands want to introduce the product, but in sectors such as tourism and services this task becomes more complicated. Virtual reality comes to simplify the lives of many brands seeking to publicize what they offer but thay can only do so with video clips or still photos.

3. Ecommerce: Virtual reality allow users to access stores to buy the products they want easily. Can you imagine doing purchases from the couch?

To exploit all the potential of virtual reality in the world of marketing we will have to wait for the technology to settle. For now there are many promises and some realities.

Is your brand ready to face all the innovations in technology?

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Secrets of YouTube

secretos de Youtube

secretos de Youtube

Scooter Braun, manager of artists, chosen by “Time” magazine as one of the top 100 influencers in the world, shared some of  YouTube secrets.

Braun owns SB Projects, a company dedicated to find engagement of artists worldwide. It was he who convinced Bieber moving to United States and who led him to fame. Later he did the same with other artists such as Psy, Ariana Grande or Carly Rae Jepsen.

We will share some helpful tips to achieve  digital marketing dream: amass the scope and build a brand.

Generate privacy

For Braun, the key to success of the first videos of Bieber broke a tie one on one with people watching him. For him it is not about “millions of impressions,” but to provide experiences.

Braun recommended the young Bieber to begin each video saying his name and sing live. What he wanted was to make people feel they are in the room with him or that  they are looking at something intimate and private.

Listen to your audience

In the early days of exploding Justin Bieber, Braun saw that the artist was having a ton of traffic on YouTube in the UK. Braun wanted to take the artist there, but the record firm opposed because Bieber wasn’t  on UK radio.

Braun insisted and brought Bieber  to the UK on their own. They came to Universal Records and announced that they would be giving a show on the label. The success was overwhelming and the next day, his songs began to be heard on the radio in the UK. This was one of the first experiences in which online ended nurturing traditional media.

Be creative!scooter-braun-talks-schoolboy-universal-deal

Many people would tell Braun that music industry was dead, however, he found on YouTube a unique opportunity.

Braun knew that things had changed: music could be obtained for free, and it invalidates the need to buy a CD or pay for a concert. A single hit would not fill stadiums, people had to listen to artists and they should like it.

What is the solution to make it profitable? “You need to be more creative”, Braun says. YouTube paid music industry more than 3,000 million dollars in royalties. Braun showed music industry did not die, it just reinvented.

Is your company ready to exploit the benefits of YouTube?

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“Click to Call” button: The key to attract customers

botón "Click to Call"

botón "Click to Call"

When users sail on a search engine from their mobile device, they have a specific intention. The possibility to call with a “Click to Call” button may be the key to success in getting users close to buying a product or service materialize conversions.

The button on search ads is next to the description of the product and displays a calling poster. By tightening the link, consumers communicate directly from their smartphone with the business. The cost is the same as clicking on a title.

A study held in September 2015 by Ipsos in Mexico and Argentina discussed the importance and the impact that the “Click to Call” button has on search and mobile shopping process. The results of this study showed the following data:

• 76% of respondents in Mexico and 61% in Argentina considered it is very important to be able to call a seller with a button on the search result. Such is the importance of this point for respondents, that more than a half said they would seek another business if they could not communicate in this way.

• In Mexico users consider equally important the website address and the button to call on online searches.

• Calls are extremely important especially for Argentina’s users- which usually ask for specific data that is not on the website as product information, pricing or promotions.

• The industries in which the “Click to Call” button is really demanded by users are: travel, tourism, local services, automotive and technology products.

• In Mexico, nearly half of consumers admit they do calls before making a purchase. In Argentina the percentage is 40%.

To consider!

The “Click to Call” button is a fundamental tool in the way the consumer is about to buy or is in full investigation. Some factors to consider are:

• Today mobile search outperform those made from desktops. Therefore your business may have specific ads for these platforms.

• In search results it is essential to describe the product, specify the website and add the “Click to Call” button.

• The “Click to Call” button can help a lot in the final purchasing decision of users.

Does your company website has a “Click to Call” button that allows conversion optimization?

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Key interfaces for your mobile site

site móvel

sitio móvil

What do your users want to do from their smartphone? That is the question that companies must do themeselves in order to understand their user’s needs. Focus on users experience is one of the keys to ensuring the success of a mobile site.

One of the common mistakes brands make is to assume that because they know from wich device the user is interacting with, they can predict the criteria they are going to use.

Another mistake is to assume that users only want to access content “important” to them, when what is “important” or “irrelevant” to the user constantly varies.

Finally, brands usually let UX machines take all the decisions on mobile sites. This is a work that should be carried out together by different areas, aiming to achieve the objective.

The question then is which are the most important  interfaces in a mobile site? These are:

  • Homepage

When a mobile site is opened, the user has to find everything easily. Calls to action should be highlighted and navigation menus should be easy to understand. There must be easy to go back home and promotions can not be intrusive.

The site should be optimized for mobile. This means that no clicking should be needed to zoom, there’s no need to use hyperlinks that open in new tabs, and other issues that complicate the user navigation.

  • Seeker

The Finder mobile site should be always visible at the beginning of the page and provide relevant results for the user. The use of filters can be of great help to guide users.

Choose neutral colors as wallpaper and highlight calls to action, as well as prices, reviews and stock, can help supplement the user experience.

  • Forms

Forms can be a source of success or failure. The important thing is to design it efficiently asking only essential information and guiding users along the way.


-They must be brief and friendly.
-They must be tools to facilitate data entry (such as autocomplete).
-They must show when a field has been completed successfully.

In conclusion we mention that the homepage, the online search and forms are some of the interfaces users deal with , but are those that define the permanence of consumer mobile site and the success of your conversions.

Is the website of your company properly adapted for mobile?

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Twitter beats Facebook for the first time

Twitter beats Facebook

twitter y facebook

Twitter celebrates 10 years and their numbers are below those of Facebook at the same age. As we can see in the table below, Twitter has been lagging behind Facebook in terms of assets and income users. The company is still losing money while Facebook earned more than US $500 million per quarter at the same point in its life cycle. However Twitter beats Facebook in an area for the first time in 10 years.

This area represents the hope of Twitter: revenue per user. Twitter has been able to get about US $2.33 per user, while Facebook gets only US $2.11 per user at this point.

If Twitter somehow managed to capture more users and get them to use the service monthly, it could become even greater than Facebook business. However, the growth of Twitter users has stagnated over the last year, so we should wait to see what happens this year to start putting our chips on this social network.

facebook y twitter comparación

Is your brand ready to face the constant changes of social networks?

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Tension between Facebook and Snapchat

facebook y snapchat

facebook y snapchatThis week Facebook incorporates an animated filters application, called “Masquerade”. While it is known that for some time there is tension between Facebook and Snapchat, this news did nothing but intensifying it. The rivalry between these companies part of both fighting for dominance of digital video (the protagonist of 2016) and investment in advertising that this entails.

Since 2012, Facebook has tried to catch up with some of the tools of the fashion social network, and this acquisition leaves the sight of the brutal competition between the two companies.

Facebook: Failed attempts

Snapchat has understood the younger users, known as “millennials”, and since 2011, Facebook has tried several times unsuccessfully to imitate some of the most attractive features of his rival.

  • In 2012 they released “Poke”, an application that allowed users to send photos and videos for a limited time, after which they self-destroyed. The application died a year and a half later.
  • Mark Zuckerberg did not give up, and he tried again in 2014 with another similar app, called “Slingshot”. It was not very successful and in December of that year ceased to exist.

The interest Facebook has on Snapchat goes beyond wanting to copy it . Mark tried to buy it twice, but its CEO (Evan Spiegel) refused on both occasions.

Video ambitions 

Facebook says it plans to keep “Masquerade” as a standalone application and at the same time seeks to incorporate selfie effects similar to those of Snapchat, to their own products. On the other hand, as we know the video is the main protagonist of 2016, and it is for this reason that Facebook has begun putting great emphasis on its new addition: “Facebook Live”,  an application for live video transmission.

The sense of threat Facebook felt for Snapchat is justified , since both have the same number of daily views on videos, but Snapchat has fewer active users. The main difference between the two is that in Snapchat users have to touch the screen to see the video, while Facebook videos are autoplay.

Snapchat is in the first stage of doing business, ruling advertising in “stories”, “discover” or “live”, spaces that are attractive to advertisers.

Nick Cicero, CEO of “Delmondo” and Snapchat analytics specialist, says Facebook asked in January about influencers and Snapchat audience. However they did not reach any agreement.

Snapchat is not far behind and decided to fight. The company has hired one of Facebook’s publicists, Sriram Krishnan, the founder of “Facebook Audience Network”, which places ads on Facebook applications and mobile sites.

How will this rivalry continue? We do not know. We hope that both companies continue  incorporating innovative tools.

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New Facebook features for 2016

funciones facebook

funciones facebook

Twelve years ago Facebook was born and today it’s still the world’s biggest social network. This success is due to the great adaptability and evolution of the company. They have been able to understand exactly what their users need, how and when to give them. Following the constant evolution and, knowing that many social networks are gaining rapid popularity, this year we will see some new Facebook features.

1-Forget your ex

Forget our exes is increasingly complicated, and this is thanks to social networks: we learn what they like, what they do and with whom they are. It is for this reason that Facebook developed a feature that lets you decide how long you need to forget your ex partner.
How does it work? Once you change your status from “In a relationship” to “Single” the platform will offer you  three options:

• View your ex publications less frequently.

• Limit access to photos, videos and states that your ex can publish.

• Limit access to your ex to your older publications.

The best part is that your former partner will never be notified. This feature is now available in the US and it will be soon incorporated worldwide.

2-More emojis!

The new Emojis are now available and they are the funniest novelty this year. A couple of months ago, the only options users have  were  “comment” or “Like” publications. After much debate, Facebook chose to extend the permitted reactions and incorporate new emojis.

3-Smarter messages

“Facebook Messenger” is constantly evolving and this year even users who don’t have Facebook would be able to downloaded the App. Moreover, this app will incorporate “M”, an intelligent personal assistant (like Siri). Would you like to know at what time you movie start or where to eat near your home? “M” is here to answer all your questions.

4-Personalize your profile picture

Another new feature of Facebook  is a change in profile photo position (now it is focused), both on mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, due to the great popularity to take the videos this year: Facebook allow you to add a video as your profile picture!

funciones facebook

5-Share live video

Everybody has dreamed to be in two places at once. There are several Apps, “Periscope” for example, which allow you to record and share live videos. As Facebook didn’t want to be left out, the social network has developed “Facebook Live”. It will be available soon. Meet the world through Facebook!

Is your brand ready to adapt to the new features of Facebook?

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How to succeed in Instagram?

redes sociales instagram

triunfar en Instagram

The question brands frequently make is: How to succeed in Instagram? This has become the social network of the moment and companies are trying to position themselves there. The reasons for this growing interest are varied:

-Everybody is talking about this Social network and brands seek to get some profit from it.
-Usage numbers are growing, which means there is a lot of ground to explore and to attract consumers.
-Results are being felt and engagement figures are higher than those of other social networks.
-Instagram is a showcase for audiovisual content: Brands communicate through pictures and videos and this content is the most interest today to consumers.

HubSpot has made a ranking of the 16 best brands that are on Instagram and from this selection it’s easy to draw a few lessons:

Photos must be of quality

It is no longer enough to meet the minimum requirements to highlight in the social network, now brands have to share quality pictures. One example is National Geographic. Both the magazine and Instagram have always taken great care quality and professionalism of the pictures. But not always professional teams are required to obtain high-quality images, you can get incredible results knowing how to use mobile devices.

Avoid talking about “yours”

One of the temptations in wich brands may fall is to publish photographs of their products or services. That’s considered spam. You have to create conversations and generate genuine interest from users. It should reflect the philosophy of the brand. Companies that succeed in Instagram manage their images communicate what interests them, what they like and what they want to share.

Brands must have a personality

Each brand must have their own values, characteristics and interests and also that personality has to be consistent. It is not worth to change based on fashions and trends. The images have to be shared like a cover letter that help consumers understand the philosophy of the brand. All this is important because the photos identify the target to which it is intended to reach.

Brands involve others

It is not enough to post pictures and wait for “like”. Successful brands achieve that users are part of the message and become issuers.

How prepared is your brand to succeed in Instagram?

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2016: Year of the video and smartphones

Año del vídeo y el smartphone

Año del vídeo y el smartphone

Year after year technology evolves and this brings new trends in communication and new strategic digital marketing. While it is known that nowadays the main investment channels are blogs and social networks, 2016 brings changes as the explosion of online video and audio. The year has just begun but everything leads us to believe that this will be the year of the video and smartphones.

The growing popularity of smartphones has been a major change in the area of marketing and digital advertising. This year, the investment in shares of marketing for mobile devices sevenfold. Mobile happens to be a complement to be a major player in the buying process by factors such as geolocation in real time, which are essential to meet the demands of users at all times. Incorporating features of this type will cause the m-commerce (mobile commerce) continue to grow as it did throughout 2015, and is expected to do so in 2016 by 48%.

On the other hand we must not forget that companies wishing to be relevant should add value to make the audience feel identified. The strategy for communicating through smartphones is not the same as the one used for traditional means, whereby the message must be customized and attractive to potential customers, in order to make them feel curious to know more about my product or service.

Online videos: protagonists of 2016

Online videos becomes the main challenge in digital marketing strategies. Gifs, 360 ° or interactive experience videos, among others, are new formats that make videos more atractive for users.

Videos, with new formats in addition enter the world of SEO strategies (organic search engine optimization). 80% of Internet users consume online videos, this is a unique opportunity to achieve good search engine rankings and gain relevance in the network.

Videos and gifs are a challenge for both brands and agencies. Videos can’t be communicate in the same way that a picture, so the type of strategy that was useful so far with still images has little to do with the strategy for communicating videos.

Trends in social networks

The main social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, lose weight in favor of new social networking boom such as Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn. In these networks, more visual, video is a key element to reach users. Most innovative brands are looking foward to promoted in  these social networks that incorporate thousands of users every day.

Another trend in social networking is that these will become outlets. Thanks to the integration of “Call to action” users can directly purchase products from these platforms. Thus social networks facilitate the buying process of the users, expanding its main function: to communicate, zoom in and connect people.

Is your company ready to enter the field of videos and investing in smartphones strategy?

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