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digital strategyDigital Strategy for Companies and Professionals

Thinking in digital strategy is imposed increasingly. This trend has been consolidating in recent years and the number digital marketing actions, communications and thinking and defining a digital strategy is increasing its acceptance and use in the SMB segment and professionals, in addition to large companies.

It is clear that customers or potential customers of a product or service, are increasingly seeking on the internet to analyze, search and compare before making a decision. For businesses, having and maintaining an online presence is a necessity today to maintain growth, reach new markets and avoid loosing ground against its competitors.

Some digital strategy tips you may consider:

  • Analize what you have previously done in digital marketing, actions and resulsts.
  • Web Site, updated, modern, responsive (well visible in all mobile devices) and dynamic. What do you use it for? It is SEO optimmized?? Is it responsive? It seems obvious, but many companies still do not give importance to what could be one of its major sales channels.
  • Internet positioning (SEO / SEM): Natural positioning work and payment positioning (PPC campaigns) to appear in the top positions of search results in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, by the time when someone searches for your product or service.
  • Online Advertising: On the Internet, search engines and most popular websites are like to advertise in large billboards on public roads and in major newspapers. And they have an advantage: You can measure, analyze and adjust permanently the campaign to optimize investment, depending on the results.
  • Social Media: It is important to understand their approach, benefits, uses and consistency to suit the communication needs of the company and its target audiences.
    • Facebook, what to do? Shall we have a fanpage? Invest increasing fans? Is the right platform for my company?.
    • Linkedin: Just for looking for a new job? Can we found a linkedin strategy to make it useful to my business
    • Google+ is like another Facebook? Is it important for SEO positioning?
  • Contents: Develop a content marketing strategy, with information, notes and actions related to your company, products and services, helps improve web positioning for your company and at the same time provides excuses to interact with your customers and target audience. It is necessary to generate content?
  • e-commerce: Shall I consider this for my products or services? It is the right time now to walk this path, what is needed? Are we selling online today?

Define a digital strategy covering the points mentioned above should be a clear objective for any company this year.

Digital or traditional advertising? How it impacts the generation Y?

Publicidad digital en generacion Y

Publicidad digital en generacion YLa generación “Y” ó tambien denominada “la generación del milenio” (millennials) muestra estar más influenciada por los anuncios publicitarios digitales, aunque le presta mayor atención a la publicidad tradicional.

Los de la generación Y son conocidos por ser un grupo consumidor de preferencia digital, pero esto no significa que la publicidad tradicional les parezca menos efectiva. Un estudio realizado por Adroit digital en enero del 2014 en Estados Unidos a usuarios de smartphones, acerca de la efectividad de la publicidad digital frente a la publicidad tradicional, arrojó el resultado de que el 36% dijo que los anuncios digitales fueron más efectivos, pero seguido muy de cerca por el porcentaje (28%) de los que dijeron que eran igualmente efectivos.

Mientras que el estudio de Adroit Digital mostró que los anuncios de TV son los que ganan en mayor percepción y valoración de una marca, con un 70% de share en los encuestados de generación Y, los formatos de anuncios digitales siguen después ganándole al resto de las categorías.

Publicidad digital ignorada por jovenesSin embargo, más allá de que la generación del milenio muestra estar más influenciada por la publicidad digital en su conjunto, otro estudio, realizado por Goo Technologies también en enero de este año, encontró que la generación que va entre los 18-34 años en Estados Unidos tiene una tendencia mayor a ignorar los anuncios online que la que tiene por los avisos publicitarios tradicionales en TV, radio y gráfica.

Toda Agencia Marketing Digital debe tomar en cuenta estas consideraciones al plantear una estrategia de marketing  y comunicación a sus clientes.

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How companies uses Neuromarketing


Neuromarketing digital

Neuromarketing is used to determine and analyze how it affects advertising and other marketing strategies and communication to the human brain.

The goal of business is to predict the consumers behavior, and thus improve their sales techniques, marketing and advertising strategies.

Neuromarketing experts have succeeded in showing that 95% of the decisions that consumers are produced in an unconscious and irrational way. And also our brain uses only 2.5 seconds to make a purchase decision.

This is something very used for example in supermarkets. Since the placement of brands and products more expensive than ever they are positioned by hand and at the height of our eyes, and contrary most commodities are those we find most difficult to force you go into the aisles full of packed products and offers.

Perceptions through the decoration, lighting or ambient music and even the sense of smell stimulated with fragrances and odors, are used by companies and brands to arouse our interest and influence our purchasing decisions.

Neuromarketing techniques are also used in digital marketing, in this case in addition to using traditional factors that have to do with the order in which the products are displayed, price management with offers and feelings of scarcity, can also bring the consumer information or testimonions reviews of other users and elements of social validation, when making a decision about buying or not certain articles.

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